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Proms & Graduations

“Surprise your date with a beautiful convertible sports car on the prom night or make a great lasting impression on your friends and other people by taking a lovely chauffeur driven classic to your graduation day.”

Prom nights and graduation parties are special as these happen just once. No one among us can ever forget these experiences as during this time, we are moving into a completely different and exciting phase of life. The impression that you make on this day is a lasting one. So taking a chance is absolutely worth it!

A professionally dressed chauffeur comes as a bonus with our classic vintage cars. These out of the world wagons are not only a conveyance medium but these come with a few yet considerable added benefits. You get a wonderful opportunity to make your photographs astonishing with our superb cars.

Driving away with your friends on your graduation day is a great idea! Just book our sports car for the whole day to enjoy this new experience to the fullest. Everybody’s eyes will be on you as you arrive in a brand new sports car. After attending the ceremony and having a good time with your friends, just hit the road with your sports car and go for a long drive as having all your friends together again might take a long while.

Going to your prom night? Your carriage is waiting for you! Certainly you would want to look your best. But arriving in a classic chauffeur driven car will just complete your look. Maybe you have a date or just going stag, a luxury car will always do the best for you. Either she will get all the more impressed by you or you will catch the eye of everyone at the party just enhancing your chances to win a date. Deciding on the right prom car rental is as important as deciding on a tuxedo, though picking up a car might be harder than how you expected it to be. We highly suggest that you take the help of our knowledgeable customer care staff. Just tell them your requirement and expectation and they will assist you like your best friend.

Also remember that it is the time of the year when luxury vehicles are in great demand. So it is very important that you narrow down your preferences regarding your prom car rental and get it booked as soon as possible. Our cars are kept in their best condition and thus there is a possibility that all of our cars and chauffeurs get booked!

You may want to drive yourself to the prom venue but you must keep in mind that there is no provision of handing over a car to a minor. Moreover, letting a professional, well dressed chauffer do that for you will give you more time with your date. While doing business with us, you don’t have to worry about privacy as we ensure absolute space for our client. Just check out our fleet of vehicles and we are here to provide you the one you got your finger on!

Proms & Graduations