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Special Occasions

“The city of Michigan never sleeps. The people here love to enjoy their night life at the luxurious hotels, casinos and pubs. We offer exclusive wagons to carry you to your favorite pubs, casinos and nightlife spots all over Michigan.”

After a long day of strenuous work, everyone wants a little break. In such a time, a dinner with your beloved or a walk through the beach can freshen you up and revitalize you for the next day. Weekends are the best time of the week! We believe so. It is the only time when you can forget about all your daily chores and loosen up your tight everyday schedule.

Get the fullest of your weekend fun with your family or friends and let us drive for you. You don’t need to worry about getting your vehicle ready to hit the road as our skilled chauffeurs will do it for you. We have a team of professionally trained chauffeurs who will take care of all your needs. Even before they arrive at your pickup point, they will do their part of research to figure out the best route to reach your destination.

Travelling with family demands great comfort, safety and privacy. We take all these factors into account and select the shortest yet safest route for you so that you reach your destination without much delay. Be assured that there will be no compromise with your safety and privacy. Travelling to your holiday destination accompanied by our highly professional chauffeur means you get extra time to have fun with your beloved ones. As a matter of fact, our car will become your first holiday destination!

An incredible range of luxury cars including some of the finest models which are always in demand are available with us to add a unique personal touch to your fun time.

Planning a lovely dinner night with someone special? Make it more special by offering your beloved the luxury of travelling in a lavish car. Book one of our luxury vehicles and make this personal time really special and unforgettable. Hiring your beloved’s most favorite car will be like a dream come true for him or her. If your spouse is a sports lover, we suggest you go for one of our sports cars as we have a wide range of cars in this section.

Sometimes we all just need a long lonely but comfortable drive to let it all go. If you are a lover of the vintage cars, check out our range of the old classics. On the contrary, if you love speed and are really craving for a riveting experience on the road, go for the sports vehicles range. So choose your car wisely as the car you drive shows a lot about your personality.

Hiring a special car can make every occasion special so maybe you would love to hire an eye catching sports car or you would like to make people sweat as you pass them in a classic vintage enhancing the hotness levels in air.

Special Occasions