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Wedding Party Transportation

“Weddings are one of the most special events for a person to be remembered for lifetime. Our luxury cars will render you the special treatment that you deserve on your big day”

Metro Car Serv has an assortment of the best luxury cars in their class. For special occasions like weddings, we offer our clients with a great choice. Whether you are looking for a classic wagon to carry the bride in a splendid manner to the venue or a highly spacious car to transport a huge group of your guests, we have cars to suit every kind of your needs.

When we are talking of wedding transportation, it is not just about getting from one place to another. The car in which the bride arrives or the couple leaves to start off their new journey must be special. Our huge range of luxury cars lets you choose the most suitable one that completely blends with the wedding theme. Whether it is a modern and elegant night wedding in a hotel or a traditional one taking place in a church, we have wagons not just to complement your style but to enhance the overall ambience of the occasion. Even if you do not have any particular choice, you are most welcome to Metro Car Serv and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than glad to assist you.

English weddings are generally an exclusive affair with special guests and a few yet significant parts of the ceremony such as the venue, the wedding cake, souvenirs, etc. The wedding transport is one such significant part of the occasion. In addition to carrying the blessed couple and the guests, wedding cars become an important part of the wedding photographs as well. We understand this and thus, we make every effort possible to amaze you! From the most luxurious cars to well groomed chauffeurs, we will offer you the complete package. You may need the wedding transport for three different times:

  • For pick and drop of the bride to the wedding venue
  • For the get-away ride of the couple from the venue
  • For wedding photography
Our staff is courteous enough to wait for the ceremonies taking place in between and get the vehicle ready for the next event meanwhile. Apart from the vehicle, our staff also takes small yet significant things into account such as your arrival. Our chauffeurs are familiar to the Ann Arbor area and around so they know all the possible ways leading to your destination so there is no chance of you arriving late. Not just that, they do their job well before your special day arrives regarding choosing the shortest path, obtaining information about the traffic conditions in different times of the day, car decoration and other crucial things. You can rely on us as far as the wedding transportation is concerned.

Let us do our bit to make your special day just perfect!

Check out our fleet of luxury vehicles or call us to let us decide the best wedding car for you!

Wedding Party Transportation